MHG Lights Shine in "Miss France"


“Miss France”t is the most well-known beauty pageant in France, as well as a world-renowned event with a long history. It was born in 1920 and set a model for all kinds of beauty contests around the world. The selection of "Miss France 2022" is currently in full swing. This year is its 101 year birthday, so the attention and discussion are full to bursting from all over France. The final winner will represent France to compete in the 2021 "Miss World" and "Miss Universe". 

   MHG fixtures lighted “Miss France”. LED profile M-L300CX-WW clearly cuts, LED spotlight M-L400J-3200/5600WK, M-L300J-RGBAL, and M-L300J-WW have super uniform light spot. They were used as surface light, slap, side Light, back lighting, etc. , making French laddies’s figures more graceful and sharper, creating this stage full of fashion and dreams. On the stage, girls blended into the light and gleaming, bursting out with dazzling light.