E-sports competition at Minghe No. 1 TV Studio


On October 15th, the "Global Action" Changsha Station Finals, focusing on the eyes of e-sports fans, kicked off in the Malanshan Minghe No. 1 TV Studio. After 10 days of fierce competition, it stood out from 3184 teams, and four top teams came to Changsha to aspire to the pinnacle of RTS mobile e-sports.



For this event, MHG (Minghe Group) provided full-process customized services including venue hardware supporting facilities, sound and light system integration, stage design and construction, and technical support. On the light equipment, MHG LED Moving head wash light (MH-1200L-WASH) and MHG Moving head spot light (MH-1400-SPOT) help out the whole process, rendering a cool and passionate e-sport scene. At the same time, the flexible use of MHG Moving head beam light (MH-550-BEAM) made the competition scene more intense and exciting.

At the scene, the magnificent music, coupled with the passion of the lighting, instantly pushed the competition to one climax after another. In order to compete for the final honor, each player did his best to launch a wonderful and exciting competition, presenting a peak e-sports feast for the audience.