Model of Ingenuity, Changde Broadcast and TV Studio Shines New Life


Changde Broadcast and TV Studio invested 16 million RMB in order to upgrade its 800 square meters studio. Minghe Group undertook the intelligent sound and light system integration project of the studio, providing integrated services from system design, equipment supply, installation, system debugging and technical support, making it reach the first-class standards of the studios of municipal and state-level TV stations, attracting TV stations from all over the China On behalf of the site visit and study, become one of the high-end studios in the central and western regions of China.


After the transformation and upgrade of Changde Broadcast and TV Studio, the lighting suspension system and lighting are more flexible. All the lighting equipment systems in the studio are provided by MHG, such as Moving head profile light (MH-L1400_PROFILE), Moving head spot light (MH-L1400_SPOT), Moving head beam light (MH-380_BEAM) and LED Fresnel Light (M-L300J-5600W) and other lights. It fully meets the recording and broadcasting of diverse programs in the studio, presenting a more shocking visual effect.

2The three sides of the stage are decorated with starry sky curtains to embellish the stage background. The combination of stage lighting presents a more dreamy effect, and the camera effect is more three-dimensional and beautiful.


Mexico TV Station


Slovakia SLAVLK

MHG uses ingenious technology to help the global TV studio industry. It has successively provided integrated services for domestic TV stations in Changde, Changsha County, Guiyang, Beijing Huairou, as well as overseas TV stations in Mexico, Slovakia, and Bangladesh, and tailor-made all-media interactive studios. Promote the vigorous development of all media with strong technical guarantee and scientific and technological strength!