The 11th Hunan Workers Spring Festival Gala in Longhui



On the evening of January 28, the 11th Hunan Workers Spring Festival Gala was held at Longhui Friendship International Hotel. The whole gala has a clear theme and a strong sense of the century, fully demonstrating the high spirit of workers in the new century, and praising the important contributions and developments from workers.

Since August 2011, Hunan Workers Spring Festival Gala has become one of the cultural volunteer service brands in Hunan Province.


In order to present the best effect of the ceremony, MHG took in charge of all sound, light and video system of Longhui Friendship International Hotel. Modern stage machinery and high-tech sound, light and electricity application adopted the needs of different types of programs. MHG’s High-power LED Par light M-L162T2-RGBW, BSW Moving head light MH-380_BSW, MH-280BS, LED Ellipsoidal light M-L300CX-3200W,etc were adopted. The feeling of festivity and enthusiasm made the people feel full of the Chinese Spring Festival.77777777777777777