Duyun Third Front Movement Museum


Duyun Third Front Movement Museum

Inherit the spirit of “THIRD-FRONT”

Recall the glory days!

Minghe Group takes part in the museum construction. Combining the high-tech led display and professional technology service with the creative design of the museum, which presents a digital cultural experience museum with exhibitions, science education and interesting experience.

After the completion, the museum has been officially opened to the outside world, attracting a large number of visitors!

The presentation of the museum's digital cultural experience area Made by Minghe Group

The "THIRD-FRONT" museum is based on physical display, and integrates modern high-tech means to set up interactive experience area for electronic warfare, emphasizing situational experience and interaction.

Minghe LED display is keenly shining with “Country Weighing”

In the interactive experience area of electronic warfare, spectators can participate in intelligent interactive answers, experience the launching of missiles instantly through cylindrical LED display, and enjoy the 360 degree panoramic visual experience.

Minghe product LED ball display creates a blue earth model, simulating the experience of the Beidou satellite from space to watch the earth, with a great sense of science and technology.

A vivid recording of the image, combined with a realistic micro scene, the "THIRD-FRONT" story slowly unfolds...

No matter how the times change, the spirit behind the historical heritage will never fade. The construction of the Duyun Third-Front Movement Museum is not only to wake up the memory, but also to carry forward the glorious history, science and technology and creative integration, to open up a new way for the Third-Front Movement Museum exhibition, greatly enriched the visitors perception experience, let the Museum of the history of a new burst activity!