MHG Moving Head Lights Shine in Chairman Mao's Hometown


On July 16th , 2020“Mao Zedong comes from China” completed its premiere in Shaoshan, the hometown of the great man.(Mao Zedong is the first Chairman of China).The performance is clues to the great achievements made by Mao Zedong for the Chinese revolution, supported by 4D, ultra-large scale and highly intelligent stage equipments.


 “Our purpose is to bring high-quality live performance to Shaoshan and the world by giving local and national tourists the most memorable and authentic experience.” says Mr Chen, Managing Director of Shaoshan Runze East Group .



The lighting design with 20pcs MHG Moving head MH-1400 PROFILE are rigged forward from the top mountain beside statue, 180pcs MHG Moving head MH-L550 PROFILE on the side of space and other 83 pcs MHG Moving head MH-L550-SPOT in front of auditorium …

Mr Chen has also been pleased with the lighting support he has received from MHG group Team. “Any problems or questions we have are sorted right away.” He says,“MHG is the right choice we made. No matter from the quality ,effect of lights or service and support” he added.