MHG won the praise from international experts


 Changsha, China, a famous city of Chairman Mao’s hometown, has more than 3000 years history already. Along the history, Changsha has its own but distinctive culture.


    During April 16th-19th, Changsha government invited more than 100 experts in new media art from 70 countries, to have a conference about the integration new media with Changsha culture.


    On the visit, Changsha showed its fireworks culture, history building culture, community activity culture ect. All the experts are quite moved on the witness of the happiness from Changsha citizens.  


    As the pioneer in integration new media with culture, MHG also has the honor to invite part of experts to have a visit. MHG showed its company history, company qualification, project cases all over the world, also showed the product show room. All the experts felt quite surprised to know MHG high quality on led display and led stage lighting.

    At the end of this visit, all experts expressed high appreciation on MHG, they will make some effort to connect the new media product not only with business, but also with people’s living.


    Thanks to all the experts, welcome your next time trip. And hope all of you like Changsha city, enjoyed the time.