Don't miss the exciting moment of MHG at PLS 2019 Frankfurt


With great enthusiasm MHG debut for one of the biggest events - PLS Frankfurt 2019 at April 2nd -5th

MHG M-L300CX-RGBAL LED ellipsoidal lights, M-L300J-RGBAL LED Fresnel light series, W3 ultra clear carbon fiber LED display

and other products have attracted the attention of many exhibitors, and won the support and inquiries of numerous professionals.

Five-color new lighting series

Eye-catching index 100%

The five-color new series led ellipsoidal light and led Fresnel lights launched based on the outstanding professional standards of monochrome and bi-color products, adding Lime (lime) and Amber (amber), the index is upgraded to 90+, and the intelligent noise control is constantly reaching the limit. At the show, we once again refreshed the favorable rate.

W3 carbon fiber LED display

Continuation of high popularity

Light: The new carbon fiber led display has a more stable frame and higher precision, each cabinet is just 10KG.

Thin: with light and thin characteristics W3 series led display are suitable for stage hanging, mechanical rotation and other applications, which can save the product back-load structure.

Clear: With high contrast, 16Bit high gray level, high refresh rate of 4K or more, restore image color, the picture is more delicate and clear.

Fine: Anti-bump design, precise alignment between up and down, right and left, to achieve fast and accurate installation.

Fast: 10S can be used for hoisting and quick installation of stacking.

Easy: module front and rear maintenance, control box integration, modular design, easy and convenient maintenance.

Full: indoor and outdoor applications are available, 3.1mm-4.8mm both available.

your favor is the best certification for our products and services. Your needs are driving our quality and Infinite pursuit of creativity! MHG 4.0-D60 booth, although PLS 2019 is ending, MHG’s exciting is still going on, Let us meet in 2020.