Voice of Minghe


On the night of 23th December, which is the unique and exception night .The final battles of the 7th the voice of Minghe broke at it's Multi-function showing room. 12 singers went to the peak of this battle, a total of King Song throne .Take a look at the exciting moment of the game.

The battle site is in the showing room, all if the professional stage lighting fixture and LED display are independently designed and developed by MHG Group, Stage creative and lighting design by Minghe senior specialists, has undertaken several well-known domestic television, top equipment, build Player’s exclusive stage!

As the most popular employee culture event, the voice of Minghe is held in succession for seven sessions! Competition for the music loving staff to provide a platform to show themselves and create a positive and progressive corporate culture, Minghe biggest team makes much efforts for the preparation, planning and implementation for every events. Next competition let us look forward to hearing more harmony sounds!