MHG helps Chongqing Lijia Wisdom Pavilion completed successfully


As the Smart China Expo 2021 is about to unveil, the Lijia Wisdom Pavilion in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area is officially completed. The Lijia Wisdom Pavilion is an important venue for experience scenarios such as the closing ceremony of the 2021 Smart Expo and the Industrial Internet Integration Development Forum. It is also an important venue for future national forums and summits and an important communication platform for high-end business activities.



The Lijia Wisdom Pavilion has 3,400 Sqm of meeting and service space, which can accommodate 1,500 people, such as multi-function hall and VIP room, Lijia signing hall, starlight meeting room, banquet hall, etc,. It integrates intelligent scenes such as centralized control of conferences and intelligent video monitoring, language intelligent simultaneous interpretation system, aerial imaging teleprompter, and intelligent lighting system, can provide large-scale exhibitions, conferences, etc. The flexibility and complexity fully guarantee the utilization rate of the pavilion and the needs of future exhibition activities.


In the construction of Lijia Wisdom Pavilion, MHG provided customized high-end lighting fixtures and services to facilitate the successful completion of the Wisdom Pavilion. Its LED lighting series: M-L300CX-3200K LED Ellipsoidal light, M-L300J-3200K LED Fresnel light, M-L324PR-WW LED Soft Panel light, are widely used in Lijia Wisdom Hall. Has won high recognition from customers.