Minghe Display Arc Series Helps Yabuli Forum


The Yabuli Forum is a high-end corporate forum with the largest number of participants, the largest scale, and the highest level of Chinese state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign entrepreneurs, and the deepest discussion of economic and management issues. It is known as the "Davos of China".


On the 20th anniversary of Yabuli Forum, Minghe Group provided all LED display system solutions for Yabuli Forum. Minghe uses MC-291 small-pitch LED display to create a large curved screen. The moving track is designed with four arc lengths of 3.5 meters and a height of 5.2 meters. The screen is two fixed and two mobile. The professional display combines the sense of technology and the sense of art. , Has become a major focus of the venue.


Many large conferences love curved large screens, which have great advantages in display effects. Conventional large display screens usually only have a single side, and the audience coverage of LED curved screens is two sides or even three to four. The maximum coverage rate can reach 360°, which can cover the audience without blind spots and achieve a good communication purpose. Compared with flat screens, curved screens have a more natural and comfortable field of view and a wider viewing angle.