Escorted by technology, Minghe built a first-class Converging Media Center


Recently, the 2nd phase of the county-level Converging Media Center customized by Minghe Group for Changsha County was completed. With the concept of "media +", the studio provides diversified comprehensive services; it also provides users with government affairs services, life services… and so on. Through media integration, it is continuously improved the county-level media communication, guiding power, influence, and public credibility.


The studio adopts the Minghe DA-151 series of small-pitch LED screen and interactive touch screen, which have high stability, nice appearance, precise splicing, soft showing effect and wide viewing angle, with imaging and virtual foreground implantation. So it enhances visibility, and more fit with modern viewing habits.


Three-degree circular lighting mode was applied. And the lighting is meticulous, simple, and soft, showing the studio lighting art in an unobtrusive way. All fixtures were offered by Minghe, including M-L200J-5600WK LED fresnel, M-L100PR-5600W LED soft panel light series…etc., with high CRI and 0 noise. Compared with traditional ones, they have better performance, lower energy consumption, longer life and lower maintenance costs.

Changsha County Media Center is built with ingenious concepts, advanced functions, superb technology, and safe and stable operation. From hardware facilities to management and operation, it is in the forefront of the construction of county-level Converging Media Centers in China.