109sqm Outdoor Advertising LED Display Finished in 72H


On April 24th, Minghe Group finished and installed an outdoor advertising LED Display successfully for Zhuzhou State Assets investment Group, This LED Display is MHG F Series products, MHG Engineering Team install, adjust this LED Display and supply the after-sales services for them. 


    On May,1st, Zhuzhou State Assets investment Group will hold 10th Anniversary Celebration .To ensure that the screen can be used as scheduled, After signed the contract, MHG take action soon, and arrange the producing in time. Only 72H, MHG made this large 109sqm outdoor LED Display, get the highly appraise from the clients.



The advertising LED Display is MHG F-800 outdoor LED Display, Pixel is 8mm, It is thin, economy and fast installation, Excellent effect, Waterproof, Lightning proof, anti-static, Stable and durable. This series LED Display are widely used in outdoor advertising, Stage, Concert, Exhibition and so on.