High Power1200W Profile LED Moving Head Light for Events


MH-1200_Profile LED Moving Head Light is warmly welcomed in the market with its good using, As a high power profile moving head light, How does this light conquer the customers? Let’s have a look: 

Optical System


MH-L1200_Profile is the 1000W LED module light source, 6-50°linear smooth zoom, full beam, CRI>90,uniform spot. 

Framing System


Fast running framing system could cut any shape spot freely,  4 Blades with +/-45° rotation,Excellent optical design, straight and clear framing, minimized distortion,No noise, and no wild light. 

Mixing Color System


According to the LED Lighting wave length, Made CMY unlimited color mixture, CCT:2700K-7000K, 6 Color filters + open, Full gamut, Pure color, Ultimate rendering. These features will make the stage characters more clear and more powerful.

Frost System


Two kinds of frost, 0-100% linear soft frost , Could have different degree soft lighting effect. 

Dimming System


0-100% linear dimming, theater level dimming technology, Starting with low brightness no flick, smooth and fine, no dither, The effect of fading in and out is excellent. 



Life span of LED module is over than 20000h, avoid the trouble to change the power supply frequently, reduce the cost. Excellent cooling system, power saving, lighting effect, etc. This light could be widely used in lots of environment, TV Station, Theater, Concert, Events, Music Festival, Auto shows and other high-end venues. 

Quality is the soul of MHG, With this golden rules, MH-L1200_profile could have the high quality and excellent features, It is applied in night arts “Ge Xian Village”, Giant tourist arts center “The flame of Southern Mountain ”, Water, Sound and Lighting Show “Long Li saga”, The second China (Long Li ) international media arts festival, Hunan Grand Theater, Yan’an Grand Theater, Qing Xi Theater, Chong Qing International Circus center, New york of USA Tribeca Film festival Opening ceremony,National Theatre of Krajoa, Romania, etc. It is adopted in lots of domestic and overseas projects.