Excellent Student in Moving Head Class


MH-380_BSW Spot + Beam + Wash 3in1 fixtures is equipped with a new optical system to enjoy the mellow beauty of technology and the softness of culture.


MH-380_BSW with good reputation and liked by clients since it comes out. features low power, high efficiency, long life, strong penetration. Small size, light weight, fast speed, multi-functional is another attractive charactors.

    Today we are going to talk about the outstanding features of MH-380_BSW in various performance indicators. 


Product performance


BEAM mode:2.2°-18.5°   SPOT mode:12°-45°   WASH mode:7°-55°


Adopt Philips MSD Platinum 300S Flex light source+6,000 hours life span. With191,000lux at 10meters. The excellent output light output creates a strong visual impact for the performance.


2.2°-55° Ultra-wide linear zoom , it achieve very precise focus realize.


Built-in 2 bi-directional rotating prisms, 7 rotating gobos+open and 17 static gobos+open+animation effect, Various gobos and beam.

It can flexibly shape uniform and colorful pattern effects, and easily show brilliant phantom lighting effects.


Independent frost system, easily realize linear”soft edge” frost effect.


1 Color wheel: 13 dichroic color filters + open. Easily achieve the excellent color macro function and the two-way rotating rainbow effect, which can create an ambiguous stage light and shadow vision, and enhance the stage performance level in all directions.


Since its inception, MH-380-_BSW has been widely used in various performance venues due to its complete functions, good effects and high cost-effective. It is a wise choice for professional stage lighting. At present, it has been applied to many projects at home and abroad, such as large-scale marching night entertainment performance "Night Tour of Gexian Village", large-scale cultural tourism theater performance "Sacred Fire Nanyue", large-scale immersive water dance sound and light show "Legend of Longli", the second China (Longli) International New Media Art Festival, Hunan Grand Theater, Yan'an Grand Theater, Qingxi Theater, Chongqing International Circus City, Longhui International Hotel, New York Tribeca Film Festival Opening Ceremony, Craiova National Theater, Romania, etc. Those projects provide a wonderful visual feast.