MHG LED Ellipsoidal Light assisted 303 Sunshine Theatre drama performance with professional imaging effect



303 Sunshine Theatre opens Changsha premiere on Aug.15th,2020. This theatre is selected as one of Changsha TOP 10 “nighttime economy” demonstration project. covers an area of about 4000 square meters,It can hold over 700 spectators. The stage fixture, Lighting, sounds equipment and hall decoration are made by MHG according to the international first-class standard, This theatre could hold Opera, dance, ballet and symphony performances, as well as large-scale comprehensive artistic performances.



The original drama<8090>is as the opening show,It's a love story between the post-80s and post-90s generation. The girl's "100-day boyfriend chase plan" witnessed the courage of the post-90s generation who dare to love and dare to do. As the stage lighting changes, the plot progresses, the audience's mood is also affected, immersed in the fantasy space created by light and shadow, an 8090 love battle is launched here!

In order to ensure the best performance effect, The stage lighting system is adjusted according to the performance of surface light, side light, top light of different needs, equipped with MHG LED high CRI ellipsoidal light and multi-function moving head profile, LED moving head wash to enrich stage environment, The charm of light emitting bring the audience into the play situation, It presents a show that a contemporary men and women to find each other and escape again , mixed with passion and commitment for audience.

303 theatre adopted lots of MHG LED Ellipsoidal light- M-L300CX-3200/5600W, the optical system of this item is excellent: with 280W LED Light source , 3200K/5600K optional CCT; CRI≥95; Uniform spot;Imaging clear; Autonomous microlight control technology;0-100% smooth dimmer; Linear, square, I-square,S-share 4 kinds of dimmer curves; the dimmer curves could be customized. And it have the special “soft-edge” function.