MHG Supplies One-Stop Solution for Chongqing International Circus


Chongqing International Circus City is the largest in China, well-known at home and abroad, and is the most versatile professional venue. It can hold 1450 spectators at the same time. Its advanced stage, machinery, lighting, sound equipment, 180-degree audience seats and 360-degree "horse ring stage" also withhold world-class level.

“Clients come to us for our technical skills as well as creative mindset.” Says Mr Tao, Chief Designer of Chongqing International Circus city.


Fresnel M-L400J-3200/5600WK features the most advanced, modern optical and electronic technology. Its light source is based on 400 Watt Module LED equivalent to 1800Watt Halogen lamp. It save a lot of electricity.


Fresnel is also famous and liked by clients due to its high efficiency, High CRI(>96), low noise, light evenly as well as four dimming curves.


Chongqing International Circus City also choose MHG MH-L550P/MH-L1400P LED Moving head lights mounting on top ”horse ring stage” truss. MH-L550P/MH-L1400P has a wide zoom, ranging from 4° to 53.5°/6.6° to 58°. At the narrow angle, the beam produced very solid, concentrated and superb effects.


“The lighting effects together with performances have brought a very good experience to audiences. Our Circus city full everyday,” notes Mr Tang.

“MHG support for the project was “amazing” with quick tips for solving any issues that came up.” He added.