A perfect show in ISE began the MHG 2019 exhibition trip


New year, start a new journey, At the beginning of the new year, MHG participated in the world's largest professional audio-visual exhibition - the European System Integration Exhibition (ISE), which opening the New Year industry exhibition! ISE began from 5 to 8 February at the RAI Amsterdam, and was the largest to date in terms of both exhibition space and attendee registrations.

MHG W3 carbon fiber HD LED display is specially designed for overseas rental market. The cabinet adopts new carbon fiber composite material. each cabinet is only 10kg, which is ultra-light and ultra-thin, convenient for transportation and carrying, and greatly saves transportation costs, what's more, it has a quick and convenient installation method, The screen body self-hanging mechanism can quickly install the box within 5 seconds, and the maximum height can be suspended by 12 meters.

In terms of product performance, MHG W3 carbon fiber led display has high contrast, 16Bit high gray level, high refresh rate of 4K or more, restore image color, make the picture more delicate and clear.

Besides, MHG newly upgraded M-L300CX-RGBAL LED ellipsoidal light and M-L300J-RGBAL LED Fresnel light are also outshine from the rest, and are upgraded in terms of CRI, color temperature and appearance to create a world-class standard.

ISE officially opened a new journey for MHG's 2019 overseas market development. in 2019, we will continue to provide more high-quality products and supporting services to customers and make progress toward the strategic goal of building world first-class brands.