2021 International Children’s Fashion Art Week held in Malanshan Minghe Studio No.1


On October 17, the closing ceremony of the 2021 International Children’s Fashion Art Week organized by the Hunan Performing Arts Group, hosted by the Changsha Model  Association, and undertaken by the Association’s Fashion Art Committee and Hunan Rongchuang Culture was held at Minghe Studio No.1,located at Video Cultural and Creative Park in Malanshan. Bright lights and flickering fluorescent lights presented a high-end children’s fashion show for the audience.




For this event, Minghe Group provided full-process customized services including venue hardware supporting facilities, sound and light system integration, stage design and construction, and technical support. The event lighting uses a large number of lamps such as Minghe LED Computer Moving head profile light(MH-L1200-PROFILE), Computer Wash lights(MH-1200L-WASH) and 3in1 computer lights(MH-470-BSW)

The LED computer profile light (MH-L1200_PROFILE) has a fast-running full-cutting system that can smoothly cut any geometric figures on the stage. The long T-table cut on site perfectly shows the trend of children's fashion brands. Coupled with the perfect combination of computer wash lights and 3in1 computer lights, it presented a high-quality and high-standard fashion feast for the audience.