Anhui Shitai Broadcasting and TV Studio


The total area of Shitai TV Studio is about 650 square meters, with a height of 11 meters. It can accommodate 300 spectators after completion, which can meet the needs of variety, special and interview programs. Minghe Group undertakes the integration of intelligent sound and photoelectric system in the studio, providing integrated services from system design, equipment supply, installation and debugging and technical support.

 The studio uses all the fixture developed by MHG includes:M-L300J-5600WK LED digital spot light, M-L300CX-1530 LED Ellipsoidal Light, M-162T1-RGBW LED wash light, M-L180PR-WW LED digital panel light, M-L285YZ-RGBW(4in1)moving head wash, MH-280-BS Multi-function led moving head light, M-1472 high efficiency followspot light,etc. Compared with traditional light, MHG Light is better, lower energy consumption, longer lift and the maintenance cost is lower. 

      The Studio adopts the three-dimensional light arrangement, Emphasis on variability and flexibility.The illumination, uniformity, color temperature and other aspects are in high standards. The light truss boom lifts smoothly without noise. The Lights could make different shape according to different program. It creates a comprehensive, three-dimensioned, rich, multi-functional performance.