MHG helps the State Council Information Office.P.R.C to be newly launched


Recently, the newly-decorated State Council Information Office.P.R.C was officially put into use.


Mr. Xu Lin, vice-minister of the Central Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and minister of the State Council Information Office, expressed the hope that friends of media reporters would better use this platform to convey the sound of China and introduce an objective and authentic China to the world!

New Press Hall of the State Council Information Office

As the national authoritative information release window, the press release hall has strict requirements about all the facilities and equipment.

MHG Lighting fixture stand out from numerous brands. And a variety of LED wash panel lights, as the core configuration, realized a scientific lighting on the press release site, and offered a professional lighting condition for the ideal HDTV broadcast, photography and video.

The overall design requirements of the press conference room must be simple and doesn't solemn. The design of the lighting system has to consider not only the overall layout of the rostrum and the audience area, but also the stability of the system and the comfort of the venue environment.

State agency spokesperson answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists

At present, the new press conference hall has held a number of press conferences. The lighting system has been running stably and working well, which has met the ideal expectation and effectively guaranteed the successful holding of conference.

Ingenuity forever, fulfills its mission! MHG will continue to offer high-quality products and services for every release of authoritative message with h, and deliver well the voice of China and tell well the story of China!