A brief review of MHG LED projects in July


1.Dance drama show “Excellent Dan zhai”

MHG provides overall video system solution and service for the show, total size for led display reach 511sqm, main LED display and side LED display is adopting P3.9 die casting indoor LED display, resolution for main LED stage display can be 4K. Especially, main display and side led display can be retractable,  segmented at a height of 4m on the display screen, and an actor performance platform is set up to present a stereoscopic visual effect.



2.Reality Drama show “Red women army”

The stage is based on 50acres of real landscape mountains, with 1800sqm of river. There are 31pcs led display, totally around 500sqm outdoor led display is installed on trucks. MHG outdoor LED display is taking SMD2727 lamps, and adopting die casting aluminum cabinet,  each cabinet is only 25Kg, very suitable for fix installation, stacking installation, and hanging installation. 



3.Immersive scenario experience drama "The Promise Phantom"

MHG provided the lighting video master control system hardware and the full process technical support for the Huayi Brothers (Suzhou) film world, the immersive scenario experience drama "The Promise Phantom", . The show uses MHG SL2-RGBW LED panel light, M-L216T1-RGBW LED par light, M-L180CX LED ellipsoidal light, MH-330-BSW three-in-one moving head light, M-L324YZ-RGBW LED moving head light, T3 series LED display. The performance of the repertoire uses a centralized control management system. All the equipment in the three performance areas are centrally controlled. The operator only needs to control the lighting, video, sound, special effects and mechanical devices of the whole performance through the intelligent terminal. All effects can be based on timeline or button programming, with control precision up to frame synchronization.