Join MHG at the 28th Palm Expo Show BeiJing


Join MHG at the 28th Palm Expo Show BeiJing   

Booth No: 1-1201   

Date: August 10-12, 2019   

Venue: China, Beijing National convention center

At the Palm Expo Show BeiJing, we will realease our newest 470BSW and 470 beam LED moving head light and 600W, 1000w LED profile moving head lihgt,  1400W moving head spot light. 

470W BSW led moving head light, the net weight of the lamp is 25kg, which is more than 40% lighter than the same model in the market. The light source adopts Philips MSD Platinum 20R 470W bulb, which has high luminous efficiency, long life and penetrating power. Strong; in BEAM mode, the minimum angle can be 2 degrees, the beam is full and sharp, in SPOT mode, spot is even and clean, the WASH mode is pure; the bulb temperature is cooled by Phillips official thermal certification, intelligent fan control, according to the operating state Automatic adjustment.

600W/1000W/ LED profile moving head light series, CRI is 90+, spot uniformity is up to 90%; light lens diameter reaches 188mm, 6°~50° linear smooth zoom, which leading the industry Level; the luminaire adopts modular design, which can quickly replace the core components by loosening 2 screws and 1 set of electronic wires. The lamp head assembly can be quickly customized and produced.