PALM EXPO 2018 - MHG invites you to review new products


Technological innovation is the driving force for the development of industry and enterprises! During the exhibition, MHG brought number of newly developed studio stage LED lights and LED display, which attracted many visitors!

The new products include:

MH-1400 LED Profile moving head light

Using OSRAM lok-it 1400-PS_Brilliant bulb, CRI: 93+, with imported reflective bowl design, the spot uniformity can reach 80%, and zoom range can be freely changed between 6.5° and 55°. the luminaire has a smooth CMY+CTO color mixing system that creates an amazing art stage effect.

M-L600 LED Profile moving head light

CRI: 90+, Adjustable color temperature within 2700K-6500K, CMY linear color mixing + CTO correction.which brings rich effect, is the soul of the stage effect!

RGBW LED Ellipsoidal light

the cut light is not deformed, no blue edge, color temperature is continuously adjustable between 3000K and 6000K, CRI: 95+, R9: 90+ , 

Refreshing frequency is up to 32KHZ, which can fully meet the needs of high-speed photography. The image does not appear stroboscopic stripes during slow-motion playback, creating an extraordinary experience with superior light quality!

LED Fresnel light

using Fresnel optical design, the light angle is between 20 ° - 70 °, CRI : 95+, R9: 90+, color reproduction is more realistic.

The color temperature is continuously adjustable between 3000K and 6000K, The lighting effect is better.

W3 carbon fiber LED display

Using Carbon fiber material, is the lightest rental cabinet in Industry, each cabinet is just 10kg .

What is even more exciting is the selection of the “Product Technology Progress Award” and the “Intellectual Property Excellence Award” by PALM 2018 (Audio Lighting Exhibition), hosted by China Performing Arts and Equipment Technology Association.

MHG M-L300J-RGBW LED Fresnel light and W3 carbon fiber LED display both won the "Product Technology Progress Award", and MHG won the "Exhibitor Intellectual Property Excellence Award"!

Thanks to all the industry experts and professors, old and new friends who have come to MHG booth,for your Care and encouragement, and valuable suggestions for the development direction of MHG! We will continue to provide quality product, creative and technical support for the development of the cultural industry!