High Power MH-1400-Profile moving head light


MH-1400_PROFILE has been widely praised for its good user experience Since its launch.

Unlike MH-L550_PROFILE with LED light source, MH-1400_PROFILE uses OSRAM high power 1400w high CRI light bulbs, with imported reflector cups, the spot is clean and high uniformity , reaching 80%.

Advanced optical design, 6.6 °~ 58 ° linear smooth zoom, small angle projection beam is sturdy and full, and large angle spread light spot is even.


Equipped with CMY + independent CTO, adjustment (2700K-6000K) linear color temperature , the color mixing is even and smooth, the colors are rich and pure, which make the characters on the stage clearer and more rendering.


Static gobo wheel

7 gobos + white circle, with gobo shake function

with a rainbow effect of two-way rotation. Regardless of the large-scale performance scene or professional theater, it can bring the audience a strong and colorful visual association and artistic enjoyment.

7 static gobos + 7 plug-in rotating gobos+open, a total of 14 gobos, and Animation effect.


Fast-running Framing system: 4 gratings realize fast and smooth cutting, cutting direction and angle can be controlled independently.which perfectly solves the problem of wild light that makes the lighting engineer headache. 

Equipped with Bi-directional rotating prism, can greatly enrich the stage effect.


Frost: 0-100% linear frost, "soft edge" frost, flood frost, 2 kinds frost


Theater-level dimming technology! Equipped with theater linear dimming technology, ultra-low brightness lighting, smooth, delicate, no jitter, excellent fade-in and fade-out performance.

The temperature dissipation is officially certified by OSRAM. The lamp housing is made of die-cast aluminum. The intelligent fan control is used to ensure that the bulb is well dissipated. The multiple over-temperature protection of the lamp ensures that the lamp can be extinguished in a timely manner under abnormal conditions.

Equipped with input signal isolation protection function, effectively solve the problem of signal interference.

The MH-1400_PROFILE moving head light with high brightness, high CRI and low noise has been given a superior performance to make it a very competitive product. MH-1400_PROFILE can be used not only for large-scale events, concerts, cultural evenings, opening and closing ceremonies, but also for theaters, high-definition TV stations, etc.