MHG invites you to join us at ISE 2020


ISE(European Integrated Systems Exhibition), the world's largest professional audio-visual exhibition, will open in Amsterdam from February 11-14, 2020! With great expectations, MHG will shine on the ISE with the latest scientific and technological achievements to start a new journey of overseas markets in 2020!  


Minghe Group will bring classic popular products such as LED ellipsoidal lights, LED fresnel spotlights, and LED profile moving headlights to the exhibition. we will also launch MC series LED displays which won the “IF DESIGN AWARD 2019”

The MC series LED display adopts a mixed assembly and stitching method can achieve up and down splicing, which can greatly meet the needs of users in the area of  rental screen construction; the independent box design of the structural module + control module + display module, which realizes modules, control boxes, and modules Universal interchange, high product accuracy, stable performance, strong applicability, and easy for maintenance; high-precision arc lock, high adjustment accuracy, easy to use; front / back maintenance design, support for quick disassembly; dual-channel signal input, automatic detection The integrity of the signal effectively guarantees the safety and stability of the signal, and also extends the life of the signal port by 2 times. The professional connector (gold-plated) connection design eliminates the flexible cables and power cords in the conventional box, which Effectively ensure the stability of module.


MHG LED source four ellipsoidal and Fresnel light series has received good feedback in the market for its great performance. On the ISE 2020 we will take RGBALC LED Fresnel light, which adding Amber (Lime), Lime (Cyan), Cyan (Cyan) on the basis of RGB, using HSIC color mixing control system, which can realize 16.7 million colors quickly; 2700K- 6500K standard black body color temperature can be adjusted to simulate the solar spectrum, with excellent light color quality, CRI> 95, R9> 90.


MH-1200 LED moving head light CRI is more than 90, the spot uniformity is as high as 90%; MH-L1200 PROFILE light have a light output lens diameter of 188mm, 6 ° ~ 50 ° Linear smooth zoom; MH-L1200WP lens adopts a corrugated mirror with a diameter of 200mm and a linear zoom of 10 ° ~ 63 °, reaching the industry-leading level. The luminaire adopts a modular design, which can quickly replace the core components by simply loosening 2 screws and a group of electronic wires, and the light head component can be quickly customized and manufactured.


See you in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, our BOOTH: 12-C55,  Register with our invitation code: 412511 to enter for free.