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470W Hybrid moving light

1. Combined Spot, Beam, Wash in one fixture.

2. High efficiency 470W gas discharge bubble, long life and strong penetration.

3. X / Y positioning is smooth and accurate.

4. Modular design for easy production, test and maintenance.

5. Colorful and changeable patterns.

6. Small size, light weight .

7. Professional thermal system design to ensure best heat dissipation.


Optical System

Light Source: Philips MSD Platinum 20R

Optical Angle: BEAM mode:2°-25°

SPOT mode:3°-36°

WASH mode:4°-34°

Electrical Specification

Input Voltage: AC100~240v,50/60Hz

Power: 650W

Power Connector: POWERCON

Signal Connector: 3-PIN and 5-PIN XLR

Control System

Mechanical Movement: Pan 540 °, Tilt 270 ° (8-16bit scanning)

Dimming: Linear 0-100%, 4 dimming curves

Cooling System: Forced convection

Control Protocol: DMX, RDM, W-DMX (wireless optional)

Strobe: Mechanical strobe, max @14Hz , random / pulsed(optional)

Channel Mode: 17CHS, 23CHS, 26CHS

Others: Self-rechargeable buffer battery, edit menu under nopower state, LCD screen.

Working Environment

Working Temperature: 0-45°

IP Rating: Ip20

Dynamic Effects

Rotating Gobo Wheel: 8 interchangeable gobos + open

Static Gobo Wheel: 11gobos + Open + animation effect

Color Wheel: 13 dichroic color filters + Open, rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds

Animation wheel: With flame and water running effect.

CMYK: CMY mixing system

Prism: Rotating 8 prism + strip prism, bi-directional rotating at variable speeds, and positioning function

Focus: Motorized linear focus

Frost: 0 ~ 100%

Physical Specification

Size: 374*364*684 mm

Weight: 25KG

Housing: Flame-retardant plastic

Color: Black




Parts of led moving head


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