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The world's top beauty pageant "Miss Universe" ended perfectly, MHG crowned beauty!

Time : 2021-12-16 Hits : 43


"Miss Universe" has always attracted worldwide attention as the world's top beauty pageant. The 70th Miss Universe pageant end in Eilat, Israel. Beautiful girls from 80 countries and regions around the world competed to shine on this stage. After intense competition, the 21-years-old Indian Miss Harnaaz Sandhu won the crown.


MHG's many professional performance lights are in support of the scene, such as MH-L550_PROFILE Hybrid LED Moving Head Blade, MH-L1200-PROFILE Hybrid LED Moving Head Blade, MH-550-BEAM Moving Head Beam, M-L1915T1-RGBW LED Washer, etc. Their dynamic elements and changeable spaces create a dreamy stage like a sky full of stars.

Customers highly praised the professional performance of MHG’s Lighting, especially the stage effect of MH-L550-PROFILE and MH-L1200-PROFILE Hybrid LED Moving Head Blade light.

MH-L550-PROFILE holds an excellent optical system, with an illuminance of up to 66950lux at 5 meters; long-distance projection, strong and full beam, short-distance spreading, uniform spot, CRI  90.

MH-L1200_PROFILE holds high-power light source 1000W LED module, with linear zoom  6°~50°, strong and full beam, CRI  90, uniform spot, full framing system ±45°rotation.

MH-L550-PROFILE and MH-L1200_PROFILE can make the image of the characters on the stage much clearer. They are used in the "Miss Universe" to fully reflect the self-confidence, beauty and generosity for all girls.