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The Huagu Opera at Furong District Cultural and Sports Center

Time : 2022-03-24 Hits : 44


"Hunan Public Culture Entering Villages&Operas Entering Villages" was held in Furong District Cultural and Sports Center at March 4, the Huagu Opera Week, by the Propaganda Department of Changsha Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Changsha  Administration of Culture , Tourism, Broadcasting and TV.

Furong District Cultural and Sports Center is a new landmark of cultural building in the east of Changsha, Hunan. Minghe made the sound, light and video system integration solution. This show used stage audio, visual, and the lighting. We offered moving head light 1400W wash&profile MH-1400_WP, 3 in 1 moving head light MH-380_BSW, LED source four 180W M-L180CX-5600K and other professional stage lights. They provided amazing lighting effects and pure colors, allowed light and shadow to be properly integrated into the actors' physical performances, and vividly expressed the unique liveliness and exaggeration of Huagu Opera. The brilliant stage lighting also enhanced the opera. The audience was addicted to drama.