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Ma Lanshan MHG NO.1 Studio 丨Changsha 2021 Law enforcement publicity concluded successfully

Time : 2021-12-20 Hits : 31

    The Law in Changsha, Happy Familyactivity was held in Malan Mountain(Changsha) video culture and innovation industry park Minghe No.1 Studio. There are about 10 enterprises attended in this competition, which is about safety production rules and laws.

    This activity realized the legal education through out the whole process It is the activity to help the national rule of law government construction, Minghe Group provided one stop services for this Events. 

    A large number of MH-470Beam moving head light and M-L1915T1-RGBW(4 in 1) LED par light have been adopted in this events, These lights help to create a simple atmosphere for the legal activities. MH-470-Beam has the strong and thick beam, fast stroboscope effect, Let the competition scene more burning and intense. 

    At the same time, The MC series LED Display,Its clear picture, full color, delicate and soft effect, Let the laws and regulations propaganda video have a perfectly presentation.