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Joy under the Seedling, Enjoying Cuisines in Changsha --- National Gold Little Apron Summer Camp was held successfully in Changsha

Time : 2022-08-21 Hits : 7

On August 21, "Joy under the Seedling, Enjoying  Cuisines in Changsha’’ national gold Little Apron Summer Camp opened in Changsha. In this Party, the small “apron”, Hunan master, scientists, model workers, policemen, firemen, teachers, intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Olympic champions get to gether to taste delicious cuisines in Changsha, share the labor growth story, sing song of laborer, learning the story of Yuan Longping, who is “father of hybrid rice”.


In terms of Vision, MHG MC series LED display is selected, with 2.9mm pixel, bright colors, delicate and realistic pictures,  it is built into a three-dimensional arc stage space with endless changes.

 In terms of lighting, MHG MH-L550_PROFILE was selected to create a gorgeous light and shadow effect, creating a warm and lively visual experience for the audience!