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Called "market bomber", why is it so popular?

Time : 2021-11-30 Hits : 40

MH-L550_PROFILE, as LED Moving head profile, with its unique advantages such as "High efficiency, low consumption, small size, light weight", catches the eye of the market tightly.

Now let us see how it is done.


Advanced Magnetic encoder technology and Intelligent software system, make X/Y positioning accurate.


Simple exquisite design, N.W.: 32KG, save transportation costs effectively.

Optical System


Light SourceHigh power 550W LED module. Output is powerful, with a 5-meter illuminance reaching 66950lux, uniform spot.


Life span 20,000h, almost no need to replace the light source. 


Brand new optical system design,  4.5° ~ 53.5°  linear smooth 11x zoom,

Lens diameter 149mm.

Beam can be sharpy and strong at any angle. 

Gobo is deeply clear.


Built-in smooth 4 blades framing system

Fast bi-directional control, in all-shapes and colors

4 Blades with +/-45° rotation, easily for programming

Color System


CRI: 90

CMY + independent CTO

The color mixing uniform and smooth

6 dichroic color filters + open

Rainbow effect with bi-direction, enriched lighting effects


7 Interchangeable rotating gobos

7 Static gobos + open

Gobo perfectly presented

Dimmer System


Linear dimming 0-100%, 4 dimming curves

Be lighted at ultra-low brightness.

Dimming is very smooth, which can create a hazy mood

Dynamic Effect


4-facet bi-directional rotating prism

Gobo and Beam perfectly presented, enriched lighting effects


0-100% Linear frost.

Soft frost and Flood frost can be used independently or in stacks.

The Soft frosts transmittance reaches 90%, which easily create dynamic effects such as Running water, Dynamic flame, etc.


With its superior performance, powerful and rich effects, MH-550_PROFILE is widely used in various high-end location, such as Theater, TV studio, Stage, Live performances, etc., providing more creativity for lighting effects.