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MH-L550 Profile moving head light

MH-L550_PROFILE is a high-power LED profile moving head light, equipped with efficient optical system combined with intelligent electronic zoom 4.5 °- 53.5 °, 11 times zoom range, with 149MM lens, the beam is fuller and sharper. The use of advanced magnetic encoder technology, and intelligent software system, +/- 1 ° X / Y axis position detection, makes X / Y positioning smooth and accurate. With self-correction function, it solves the problem of deviation after resetting. The intelligent temperature detection system can automatically adjust the wind speed according to the temperature of the lamp body, effectively solving the problem of noise. The noise is roughly between 45-57db. The professional signal isolation protection function can reduce the interference of electronic components and DMX signal to the lamp, to ensure the stable signal transmission, and make the lamp performance more vividly.

It can be used in theaters, cultural centers, multi-function halls, concerts, gymnasiums, banquet halls and rental performance venues.

Light source

Light source: High power 550W LED module
Color Temperature: 8000K
CRI: >92


Color wheel: 6 dichroic color filters+ open, Rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds
CMYK: CMY color system, Independent CTO


Rotating gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos +Open+ Animation effect + Positioning function
Static gobo wheel: 7 gobos + Open + Animation effect

Framing system

4 Blades with +/-45° rotation, each can be separately controlled for direction and angle. Single blade can be closed completely

Product video

Technical parameter
Input Voltage AC100~240v,50/60Hz Power Consumption 800W
Light source High power 550W LED module CRI CRI ≥ 92
Color plate CMY+CTO color mixing system, the color is even, smooth, rich and pure. Gobo 1 Rotating gobo wheel:7 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle; 1 Fixed gobo wheel:7 fixed gobos + white circle
Framing system 4 focal planes and 90° rotation Animation wheel flame and water-running
IRIS 5%-100% linear adjustment Prism Bi-directional and 4-facet rotating prism
Frost 0-100% linear frost, "soft edge" frost, flood frost, 2 kinds frost Dimmer 0-100% linear electronic dimmer, 4 dimming curves
Strobe Electronic strobe, @25f/sec, random/pulsed(optional) Zoom Range Linear 4.5°-53.5°
Channel Mode DMX512, 27/29/34 channels N.W. 32kg (including hook)
Size 374*355 *721mm IP IP20

Housing Dimensions

Illuminance Map