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M-L420YZ LED Moving Head Light


1. 7pcs 60W, RGBW 4in1 LED lamp, High precision optical lens
2. Scientific color management system
3. Zoom range 2.2°-50°
4. Excellent dyeing effect, dynamic beam effect.

M-L420YZ LED Moving Head Light

Equipped with high-quality LED lamps and new optical design of the LED moving head light series

led moving head light

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Electrical & Optical
Input Voltage 85-265AC 50/60HZ Power Consumption 640W
Light Source 7pcs60W 4in1 RGBW LED Strobe 0-20Hz
Color Temperature 2000K-8000K Dimmer 0-100% linear
Life Span 10000 hours CRI Ra≥90
Color&GOBO&Effect / Luminous Flux /
Color Red, Green, Blue, White 4 colors Beam Angle 2.8°-55°
GOBO / lens High precision optical lens
Illumination Intensity 13575LUX/8M 2.8º Soft light Linear adjustable
Control Mode DMX512 ADD code 0-512
DMX Channel 13/2452CH Cooling system axial flow fan automatic cooling, noise less than 35dB
Safety Built-in overcurrent and overheat protection
Light Dimension 406*305*492mm (L*W*H) IP rate IP20
Packing Flight case Packing Qty 1pcs/carton
Net weight 18KG

Gross weight


Housing material Die-casting Aluminum&Plastic Packing dimension None

Housing Dimensions

Illuminance Map

Channel Table

1CH Dimmer intensity
3CH Green LED 
4CH Blue LED
5CH White LED
6CH Strobe
7CH Pan Movement
8CH Fine control of Pan movement
9CH Tilt Movement
10CH Fine control of Tilt movement
11CH Speed Pan/Tilt
12CH Focus
13CH Rotation
14CH Hue 
15CH Hue Fine
16CH Saturation
18CH Color Shade
19CH Color Preset
20CH Chase Patterns
21CH Chase Speed 
22CH Chase Fade 
23CH System Function 
24CH System Control
25CH Red LED -array 1
26CH Green LED -array 1
27CH Blue LED -array 1 
28CH White LED -array 1 
29CH Red LED -array 2 
30CH Green LED -array 2
31CH Blue LED -array 2 
32CH White LED -array 2 
33CH Red LED -array 3 
34CH Green LED -array 3
35CH Blue LED -array 3 
36CH White LED -array 3
37CH Red LED -array 4
38CH Green LED -array 4 
39CH Blue LED -array 4
40CH White LED -array 4
41CH Red LED -array 5
42CH Green LED -array 5
43CH Blue LED -array 5
44CH White LED -array 5
45CH Red LED -array 6
46CH Green LED -array 6
47CH Blue LED -array 6 
48CH White LED -array 6
49CH Red LED -array 7
50CH Green LED -array 7
51CH Blue LED -array 7 
52CH White LED -array 7