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M-L300CX-RGBAL LED Ellipsoidal Light

1.500W five-color integrated light source
2.RGBAL five-color HSIC color control system, 16.7 million color fast call;
3.CRI: 95+
4.color coordinates comliance with the black body curve
5.Color calibration function
6.0-100% smooth dimming;
7.Wide-color temperature adjustment range 2700K-6500K standard black body color temperature can be adjusted, and the llumination deviation is less than 5% when the color temperature changes, to meet the needs of different color temperature applications
8.High refresh rate LED refresh frequency 18KHz, camera no flickering, to meet the shooting needs.
9.More than 90% of the uniformity of the spot, 16bit dimming fine smooth no jitter,0-100% stable color output
10.RDM remote control
RGBAL led ellipsoidal light

M-L300CX-RGBAL Source Four LED Ellipsoidal Light (Intelligent color mixing system

1.Linearization of monochrome LED light,(Change DIM does not change color)
2.Color temperature correction system: high-quality white light output
3.Maximum brightness algorithm Multi-color mixed light temperature segments to get maximum brightness, Monochrome brightness optimization
4.HSI mode and N-base color mode

operation system of RGBAL led ellipsoidal light

Operation System

1. 2.4 inch LCD operating screen
2. Can show color temperature, and DMX signal indication
3. Can setting to Working mode, Address code, and brightness
4. Support four bottons independent control
5. Support knob dimming and lighting setting, one hand operation

Connector Interface

DMX input/output: 3PIN, 5PIN/ hole socket
Power interface: fast connector
Ethernet interface: Optional

High CRI Performance

High quality LED lamps, luminous flux 19000lm
CRI>95,CQS>90 TLCI>90
Color temperature 1800-8000k optional

HIGH CRI led leko spotlight for theater

High Uniformity

Uniformity of light is more than 93%, 10% increased in performance
Taking high performance lens, spot without burrs, no blue edge, high class of clarity

Various lens for option

Suitable for 5°10°14°19°26°36°50°7 kinds tube lens. 15°-30°,25°-50°zoom tube lens.

various lens of led leko light

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Electrical & Optical
Input Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ Power Consumption 350W
Control signal DMX512 M/S Control channel 16CH
DMX input/output XLR 3/5pin in&out power interface aviation head
Internet connect optional Display window 24 inch color LCD display
Light source 500W LED Color(light source)  RGBAL
Color temperature 2700-6500k optional Beam angle 15°-30°, 25°-50°, 14°/19°/26°/36°/50° Optional
Illumination Intensity 8m 15° R252 G380 B116 A1170 L1018 Luminous flux 19000LM
Dimmer 0-100% Strobe 0-20HZ
Dimension 837*285*525mm(14°) 768*285*525mm (others) IP rate IP20
Net weight 11.5KG working temperature -20°-40°
Shell material Die casting aluminum/plastic Application theater. studio,church,stage etc

Housing Dimensions

source 4 led light

Illuminance Map

5° RGBAL source four led leko light

14° RGBAL led ellipsoidal light

19° RGBAL led ellipsoidal light

26° RGBAL led leko light36° RGBAL led leko spotlight

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