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MHG's LED display and lighting project for Jinnan art and cultural center of Tianjin

Date : 01-02, 2017

    Recently, " Harmonious Jinnan "-  the 2013 ninth Jinnan District Culture and Arts Festival Opening Ceremony was held at the Cultural Arts Center. Many local arts programs and chinese classic operas were staged by turn.

 high-definition LED screen

    MHG provided P6 indoor high-definition LED screen, P16 indoor LED curtain screen and the stage lights for the project. The LED large screen with excellent picture quality showed the wonderful performances,together with the colorful stage lighting effects,the whole show won the high reputation from the audience.

P16 indoor LED screen

    Jinnan Cultural Arts Center is the famous multi- cultural arts center of Tianjin of China. The Art Center set film, theater, dance, entertainment, training, conferences in one, occupied total construction area of about 14,000 square meters. Since its beginnings, MHG has undertaken the project construction and provided all the stage lighting equipment, including LED lighting,Tricolor Soft Light, moving head lights etc.