Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

D Series Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display


large led display

Ultra-Light and Ultra thin

Each cabinet is only 8.5Kg, and fashionable die casting frame enable 80mm thickness.

High Quality CNC Die-casting Aluminum cabinet

CNC precision process is adapted for Die-casting Aluminum cabinet; the precision is less than 0.1mm

indoor led display with Small Pixel Pitch

Seamless Mosaic

Unique connector can realize seamless Mosaic; One formed model precision is±0.1mm

led display structure

Front Service design

1) Front maintenance magnetic 2)Pull out module 3) Pull out power and signal cable 4) Module disassembly finished

Buckle type mask design

Take a modular buckle type design for mask. It greatly enhances the smoothness of the mask and display effect.

Low brightness with high grey scale efficiency

Dedicated high gray scale , high refresh current IC, Peculiar unique blanking circuit to ensure the image quality.