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MH-L600 profile LED moving head light

1.600W led BSW profile module.
2.CRI ≥ 90.
3.4 rasters for fast and smooth cutting, each raster cutting direction and angle can be independently controlled.
4.the entire cutting module can be rotated 90°, linear zoom, zoom angle range: 6°-50°, CMY+CTO stepless color mixed series.
5.4 dimmer curves.
6.Modular design for easier production, test and maintenance.
600W LED profile moving head light


Light source: high power 600W white LED
Color temperature: 8000K / 6500K
LED life: 100,000H
Spot uniformity up to 90%
With a customized radiator, ensure that the LED module works stably for a long time.


CMY+CTO color mixing system, the color is even, smooth and pure.
1 color wheel: 6 fixed color chips + white light, half color effect, color plate can be positioned at will, rainbow effect with two-way rotation


1 rotating gobos : 7 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
1 fixed gobos : 7 plug-in fixed gobos + white circle, with pattern dithering function 1 dynamic effect plate: Matching pattern plate, color plate, etc., making a dynamic simulation of the dynamic vibration of the dynamic, turbulent water, etc.
Gobos are pluggable and Support customization


Pan movement: 540° (16 bit )
Tilt movement: 270° (16 bit )
Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, quiet and smooth

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Technical parameter
Input Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ Power Consumption 810W
Light source High power 600W led profile module CRI CRI ≥ 90
Color plate CMY+CTO(2700K-6500K) color mixed system Gobo 1 Rotation Gobo; 7 Plug-in rotation plate + white circle 1 Fixed Gobo; 7 Plug-in fixed plate + white circle (all can be replaced)
Cutting module 4 Rasters for fast and smooth cutting, each raster cutting direction and angle can be independently controlled; The entire cutting module can be rotated 90°; Animation wheel flame, turbulent water, etc.
IRIS 5%-100% linear adjustment Prism One prism by Bi-directional rotating quad prism
Frost 0~100% linear atomization, 2 atomization (light and heavy atomization), 3 kinds of atomization effects Dimmer 0-100% linear electronic dimmer
Strobe Electronic strobe, frequency up to 25Hz, and optional random strobe and pulsed strobe Zoom Range Linear Zoom range: 6°~50°
Channel Mode DMX512, 29/37/34 channels N.W. 42Kg
Size 473*432*855 mm

Housing Dimensions

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