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MH-L1200W LED profile moving head light

1. High power 1000w white LED module, long life, low power, high energy saving effective; high stability; less light fade; clean and uniform facula, reaching 90%.

2. Advanced optical design, optical lens diameter up to 188mm, 6°~50°linear smooth zoom, long-distance projection, thick and full beam, spread light in close distance, uniform spots.

3. Framing system with 4 pcs framing, can be rotated by 90° to create triangles diamonds, rectangles, etc. in any direction.

4. Modular design, patented; easy to produce, debug, maintain; frost, framing, prism and CMY can be customized.

5. Mute design, intelligent fan, the speed can be adjusted according to the temperature of the light source.

6.Bidirectional data transmission, RDM remote device management

7.Built-in self-recharging battery, can edit menu in no power state


Power:  1250W

Color temperature:  6500K/6000K

LED life span:  100,000 hours

CRI: ≥ 90

Spot uniformity:  90%


CMY+CTO color mixing system, rich, evenly and smooth color.

1 fixed color wheel with 6 color filter + white light


1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 pcs plug-in rotating gobos + white, the gobo wheel can be shaken and positioned

1 fixed gobo wheel with 7 pcs plug-in fixed gobos + white, with shaking effects

1 disk animation makes flame and water-running effects

Gobos are pluggable and Support customization


Pan=540°, 16 bit with automatic error correction function

Tilt= 270°, 16 bit with automatic error correction function

Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, quiet and smooth

Product video

Technical parameter
Power Consumption 1250W CRI CRI ≥ 90
Color plate CMY+CTO color mixed system,rich, evenly and smooth color. Gobo 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 pcs plug-in rotating gobos + white, the gobo wheel can be shaken and positioned 1 fixed gobo wheel with 7 pcs plug-in fixed gobos + white, with shaking effects (all can be replaced)
1 disk animation makes flame and water-running effects
IRIS 5%-100% linear adjustment Prism 4 pcs rotating prisms, bi-direction rotation, and can be positioned
Focus Electronic focus, ultra-smooth adjustment Dimmer 0~100% linear dimming, 4 dimming curves available
Strobe Multiple strobe 25Hz, random strobe and pulse strobe (optional) Zoom Range  6°~50°
Frost 2 kinds of frosts, 3 frost effects, 0~100% linear frost Cutting disk Framing system with 4 pcs framing, can be rotated by 90° to create triangles diamonds, rectangles, etc. in any direction
Channel Mode 27/29/34 DMX512 channels N.W. 44.5kg (including hook)
Size 470*432*852 mm

Housing Dimensions

Illuminance Map